by Ill Bred

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released January 20, 2010



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Radical Friends

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Track Name: Intro
Fields of leeches, guard your blood.
Hold certainty sacred, don’t become one of us.
Breath don’t blow, do ordain in filth.
Piss on the law that wallows in wealth.
Track Name: Post Prior
Knock off all the talk of staring at ceilings,
apathy behind your eyes,
and finding true meaning.

I’ve seen time, I am growing;
not speaking without knowing.
But, I will die before I wake, so take these words as preachings to break.
Track Name: Drone Oscillation
Nothing is consistent,
dwelling on distance.
Serotonin pause,
distinguishing flaws.

“And you hate, and you hate, and you hate
the right side of your face.”

Nothing is consistent,
dwelling upon distance.
Track Name: Bluff
If I would had known I’d be alone all this time, I would have grown for myself.
I would not have given one good deed to a soul that breaths image, lust, and greed.

Their hearts beat to a bluff.
Dead hearts beat to a bluff.
Spite the hand that feeds.
Spit on the hand in need.